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Delivering the Charcuterie Experience in Vancouver

If you’ve ever wanted to host a party or deliver the perfect gift; but were unsure of where to begin, we’ve got you covered. Entertaining and gifting the Charcuterie experience for people living in Metro Vancouver has naver been easier!

Why Saje and Vine Charcuterie?

My name is Saijal, and I am the founder of Saje and Vine Charcuterie.  I’ve been brought up in Vancouver BC, and have been fortunate to have traveled around the world at a young age.  In doing so, I have become passionate about finding hidden gems when it comes to fine food and wine.   I have taken my world view and put it into my vision for charcuterie in Vancouver.  Saje and Vine is all about being local.  I have been brought up in Vancouver, and have come to appreciate BC's culinary contribution to the world.  Vancouver is a cosmopolitan city, making it unique. All of our world themed Charcuterie trays are made from locally sourced, sustainable products by local artisans.

We manufacture and procure the best charcuterie products from within BC.  We source the best ingredients from passionate local suppliers.  We view our suppliers as the new age “Artisans” of Canada and simplify the process of ordering and delivering these great gems to our customers.

I have always respected charcuterie as a culinary platform - an artistic canvas, on which we procure flavors and delightful pairings.  In today’s busy world most people appreciate the finer things in life, however procuring artisan meats, spreads and dips are challenging for most hosts. We bring it all together and deliver the Charcuterie experience. We manufacture and procure the best charcuterie products from within BC.  We source the best ingredients from passionate local suppliers.  We view our suppliers as the new age local “Artisans”. We simplify the process of procuring and delivering these great gems to our customers. Many of our local foodie professionals bring their unique twist on classic products, making them truly Canadian.

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What Is Charcuterie?

Charcuterie is a lifestyle! It originated as a French tradition, charcuterie (pronounced "shahr-ku-tuh-ree") is the art of preparing and assembling finely crafted, cured meats and cheese products. The chef that prepares the meat is called a Charcutier. The charcuterie concept has become very popular outside of France, and has evolved to include a variety of foods besides just meat and cheese. In essence, a charcuterie board is an assortment of artisan dips, spreads, breads, olives and accompaniments, all delicately arranged on a serving board.

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Vancouver's Finest Charcuterie Delivery Service

The original concepts of the Charcuterie are still present in most fine charcuterie boards.  Traditional Charcuteries also provided sophisticated spreads.  Here are some classic french and mediteranean spreads that we offer with our Charcuterie service:


Pâté and terrine are very similar: The term pâté means paste in french.  Pate’s are very popular in most sophisticated charcuteries’ as a spread for artisan breads, toast or even crackers.  It is traditionally made using duck or chicken liver, mixed with wine and spices until it's cooked down into a spreadable texture.


Hummus is a delicious spread that's enjoyed by all cultures, not just Greek and Middle Eastern. Hummus has evolved as a "crossover" food, that is so common that they don't even realize its roots. Even in Vancouver we will find Morrocan, Greek and even Lebanese style hummus - each providing a unique perspective and taste of this ancient classic. Saje and Vine works with local artisans to bring you this classic dip in Vancouver.

Perserves & Savoury Jellies

Fruit spreads and savory jams are a superb compliment to any charcuterie board. A bit of sweet and spicy fruit compote pairs well with sophisticated cured meats, cheeses and whole grain crackers. Bringing out unique tasting profiles during any cocktail or social grazing event. Our fruit preserves are sourced locally in BC and we find that our procured pairings of jams/perserves bring the charcuterie experience together.

Today’s Charcuterie Defined

What started out as a branch of cooking that involved prepared meats, has now evolved into what’s known as the shared platter or even grazing.   Charcuteries around the world have transformed into an artform and is usually the centerpiece of conversation at most social gatherings.  That is the beauty of the Charcuterie experience - it is whatever you would like it to be.  Many people mix traditional charcuterie items with modern day twists.

Today you can find charcuteries with a Italian, Mediterranean or even Mexican perspective.  It is not uncommon to find bruschetta, hummus and salsa spreads at get-togethers.  This is probably why charcuterie experiences have become popular around the world.  Characterized by its ability to adapt to any culture and suite any event.

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